At Harvest, we offer a comprehensive dining experience, giving visitors the opportunity to learn about sustainability and delicious native and locally sourced ingredients. We always consider our implications for the environment and how to minimise our carbon footprint by working with likeminded suppliers, producers, growers, our own edible gardens and our own wild food researcher who forages for Byron Hinterland’s underutilised native Australian ingredients. Our seasonal menu allows us to use local produce, often only available in small quantities, highlighting our core values.



Harvest’s all Australian wine list supports and explores small, conscientious wine makers and lesser-known varietals, highlighting the diversity of the regions in Australia.

The focus is on passionate and innovative vineyard practices which produce extraordinary wines through techniques like organic and biodynamic farming, minimal intervention, chemical and sulphur-free, and minimal refining and filtering.


Understanding / Identifying / Exploring
Inspiring the children of our neighbourhood with three workshops developed under the holistic umbrella of FOOD.

Harvest work alongside local school’s existing curriculum to inspire the future of our community and environment.


The Good Fish Project

Our dedication to sustainably sourced fish, this project aims to educate the general public on the importance of sustainable fishing.

Waste & Recycling

All of our waste is separated into waste and recycling. As much recyclables are diverted from landfill as possible.


All of our kitchen scraps and bar waste are composted on site and used in the Harvest gardens for food production.


All polystyrene that is used for delivery of produce is recycled or sent back to suppliers.

Rooftop Solar Panels

We currently have 50% of our buildings covered in solar panels, with the intention of covering 100% by 2022.

Grey Water Recycling

We installed a grey water recycling system in order to treat our grey water onsite, and to help prevent the pollution of our oceans.

Used cooking oil

All our cooking oil is collected and recycled to make biodiesel.

Localized Economy

No food miles with the bakery, deli and Harvest gardens producing food on site. Our monthly changing Wild Harvest evening menu also allows us to use very local seasonal produce, often only available in small batches, highlighting our localized economy and seasonality.

Meat Ageing Room

We buy whole animals which are broken down on site, and ensure we use every part of the beast with sauces and stocks.

Native Australian Plants

We plant native plants in our gardens that improve biodiversity and reduce water consumption. 

Compostable containers & bags

We use plant-based takeaway containers, takeaway coffee cups by Allpress (with the idea to one day eliminate takeaway cups), and compostable rubbish bags.

Zero-Waste in kitchen & bar

We use by-products of meat, fruit and vegetables to create sauces, vinegars and syrups wherever possible.

Paper Usage

100% recycled paper for our menus, 100% recycled toilet paper in bathrooms and 100% recycled paper napkins in the restaurant and bathrooms.


We are bringing back our Harvest honey bees after they had to be removed due to keep them safe from bee disease.  

Native bees

Australian native bees a.k.a. sugarbag bees are one of 1000 native Australian bee species. While being a stingless version of their European cousins, they help provide pollination to countless species.

Coffee Grounds

Our used coffee grounds are composted on site or packed in compostable bags for free and given to the local community to use in their home gardens.

Liberation Larder

Unsold bread is donated to a local organization that creates meals and feeds the homeless.


We are transitioning to 100% LED bulbs, which use 7 times less energy then halogen or incandescent bulbs.

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Thurs - Sat | 5.30pm - 8.30pm

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Sourdough available from
the Harvest Deli | Mon - Fri

Sourdough weekends 
Every Sat & Sun | 8am - 10am

18-22 Old Pacific Highway
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Byron Bay Hinterland

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