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Last week I visited Fabian a new supplier at his beautiful property Woodland Valley. Upon Arrival I was greeted by some of the healthiest, happiest and friendliest chooks I have ever encountered. It is great to see people moving from an urban lifestyle to doing great work on a rural setting and creating healthy produce for the community. We are pleased to be offering Woodland Valley pasta in the deli, be sure to say hi to them at the local markets.


Woodland Valley Farm, set in the idyllic Northern Rivers, offers owners Fabian and Jodie the very real pleasure of making a living off the land, in a wonderful shared space with their beloved animals.

Woodland Valley Farm, as a business, was established in March 2019, when we purchased our first chicken caravan and with it about 150 hens. What seemed like a full farm load of hens, quickly turned into not enough, as we began to learn more and more about what we could achieve for the land, with the help of these beautiful girls. Our hens are provided with ample space to spread their wings and live a life of exploration and fun. Their days are jampacked pecking, scratching and creating wonderful dirt day spas, in shady hide-aways. The smorgasbord of bugs, insects and pastures get them up and at it every morning, with their always inquisitive and a bit cheeky sense of humour, keeping us entertained along the way. Their gift to us it to provide the most nutritious Pasture Raised Eggs, whilst enriching our soil and the lives of those who enjoy their eggs.

Recent research suggests that eggs truly are a superfood and even better than that Pasture Raised Eggs up the ante when it comes to all things good. The majority of our eggs go straight to the homes of our egg loving customers, who visit us each week at the local farmers markets. It is an absolute privilege and pleasure to present our eggs and have them loved by so many. The health and joy that we bring to the families who support us is truly one of the greatest parts of our journey.

Not every egg is created equal, so with Fabians Italian background and passion for all things food, Woodland Valley Farm began producing delicious small batch fresh Artisan Pasta, with our Pasture Raised Eggs, magnificent local produce and a few select ingredients from Italy. At the request of our customers, Fabian introduced his Nonna’s own Sugo alla Basilico, a rich and delicious tomato and basil pasta sauce that is truly a gift of heartfelt passion.

Woodland Valley Farm now offers a variety of pasta sauces, duck egg and chocolate custard and dried pasta to compliment our fresh pasta and Pasture Raised Hen and Duck Eggs.

We have taken an old dairy farm with depleted and compacted soils and we plan to bring it back to its natural glory through regenerative farming practices, including multi-species rotational grazing. With the help of our cattle and hens, we plan to immensely improve the soil quality on our farm. And a win for our hens is that a healthy, vegetation-covered, biologically active soil ensures plenty of good bugs. Our cattle are responsible for aerating topsoil with their hooves while infusing fertilizer into the land. Our goats act as weed eaters, making them vital to sustaining healthy pastures and reclaiming areas that have been overtaken by invasive vegetation. Then comes the hens, who play a crucial role in the process by eating insects and scavenging through the droppings of other animals. This helps debug the pastures and spreads manure around so that it can work its magic, while killing off dangerous parasites. Further, the hens are a valuable source of high quality natural fertilizer. Collectively our team of animals form a pasture improvement crew that no machine or chemical can match. Getting back to nature with Regenerative Farming for a Healthier Future.


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