A bittersweet moment...

This week we had to say goodbye to one of our Harvest family.  The staggering giant that loomed over our restaurant and was a centerpiece for Newrybar year round had to come down this week.  After a branch sheered off last week, we sought the advice of three arborists who advised us of the need to remove the entire tree due to safety reasons.  After tough deliberation, and a few tears, the decision to remove the tree was made in order to protect our community and our restaurant.

Tristan paying homage to the Jacaranda

We gave out an online survey last week to crowdsource what could be planted to replace this beauty, and we appreciate each and every contribution.  There were many great submissions and a few that made us laugh.  Stay tuned to our socials and we'll keep our community posted of our decision.

It's been a focal point for the entire life of Harvest, having been planted early on in the infant years of the business.   It's with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to this gentle giant that shielded us from countless rain storms and provided endless shade during its life.  But as with anything in life, we must keep moving forward.  The removal of this tree has been a reminder, along with the entirety of 2020 and 2021, to keep moving forward, to evolve with the times, and to stay positive, no matter what.


Red Earth Farm Tour with the Harvest Family

Our restaurant staff took a tour of Red Earth Farm, owned by Neil and Belinda in Fernleigh, New South Wales.

A little history on Red Earth Farm:

The couple were living in Canada for ten years together (Neil was born there). Being an avid gardener, Belinda worked an office job at a university in Canada, but had never farmed a day in her life. Her parents were pushing for her to move back to Australia and this presented them an opportunity to come back and start farming. They moved onto her parents farm which originally ran cattle and started to pursue their dreams of being farmers.

They started out small on quite a steep patch of land and moved gradually down the hill until they run out of room.  Their parents then moved off the land and they removed the cattle off some of the only flat land on their farm.  So Neil and Belinda kept expanding and took over that level patch of soil. With intentions to convert that steep land into an orchard, they have now been operating for 5 years and have seem to find their flow.

Neil and Belinda pose with their Paper Pot Transplanter

Using small scale practices and machinery, they are able to maximize the efficiency out of their farm to employ not only themselves, but two employees.  They do have a tractor that they use to help with bigger jobs. They also use something called a Paper Pot Transplanter, that helps maximize the time they spend planting.  Made in Japan, the couple says that this machine has "changed their lives dramatically".  Belinda goes on to say, "we hand transplanted everything, which is a lot..when you start to get to big numbers, it's kind of back breaking work.  Pretty much, 2 - 3 full days we would have to spend transplanting to keep up with things." They are able to transplant 264 plants in around 1 minute with the Paper Pot Transplanter.

Belinda admits she is an amateur flower farmer that's "slowly taking over" more and more of their rows that normally would be planted out with food.  The couple admits they tend to plant crops that have a short turn around time, stating this is one of the ways to make small scale farming profitable.

Connecting our staff with the local producers that grow the beautiful vegetables we use in the restaurant was a beautiful experience. With such a wide variety of crops to choose from, keep your eyes out for Red Earth Farm at the local markets here in the Northern Rivers.


To all the hospitality legends in the Northern Rivers,⁠

We wanted to give something back to the Hospitality community here in the Northern Rivers.  And so the Hospo Hamper was born.

The hospitality industry has suffered recently due to the lockdowns happening in New South Wales.  ⁠Not only have our businesses all over the state suffered, but our collective mental health as well.  For an industry that thrives off social interaction, we wanted to show how much we appreciate you all.

We reached out to a few local businesses and put together the Hospo Hamper:

-1 x chorizo twin pack from @salumiaustralia⁠⁠
-1 x sausage coil from @salumiaustralia
-1 x beer from @stoneandwood⁠⁠
-1 x gin & tonic from @capebyrondistillery⁠⁠
-1 x lasagne from @harvestnewrybar⁠⁠


All items were donated to support our hospitality community here in the Northern Rivers.⁠

Stop by Harvest this Friday and enjoy a few tasty treats, ON US!⁠

First in, best dressed, because there's only limited quantities available!⁠

This is an offering geared towards hospitality workers living and working in the Northern Rivers. ⁠


Friday September 10th between 4 pm - 6 pm⁠

To keep your spirits bright...


Whilst everything is up in the air with COVID we have put together a series of 'Dine in or Takeaway' foodie evening in the Harvest bakery and restaurant, as a way of keeping spirits high and staying connected with the community. ⁠ ⁠


Community events

PASTA NIGHT - Every Tuesday ⁠(5pm - 7pm)⁠ Utilising locally sourced pasta and produce. Three varieties including vegetarian⁠

No reservations needed!

PIZZA NIGHT - Every Wednesday (5pm - 7pm)⁠ House made bases with local produce and proteins. Three varieties including vegetarian and gluten free ⁠ ⁠

No reservations needed!

SOUP & SANDWICH - Every Friday (11 am - 3 pm) Warm up this winter with a soup and sandwich from the Harvest Deli.⁠ ⁠ This will be a unique offering to our community during the upcoming winter months.⁠ ⁠ This Friday come enjoy your choice of two hot soups and one hot sandwich.⁠

No reservations needed!

Ticketed events

CHRISTMAS IN JULY - Saturday 31st July (6.30 pm – 9.30pm⁠) 3 course dinner & drinks⁠. To book, click below...

YOGA BRUNCH - Friday 20th Aug ⁠(7 - 10am) Yoga & mediation with purposeful conversations in the garden with guest speaker @bunyarradubay and a delicious Harvest brunch. ⁠⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠To book, click below...





An event to brighten your winter...


In order to keep spirts high during this uncertain time, we've decided to host a one off event in the warm Harvest Bakery with our newly renovated oven, celebrating community, delicious local food, and the producers who grow, create, and provide.


WHEN: Saturday 24th July, 6.30pm – 9.30pm

WHERE: Old Historic Bakery

WHAT: Price includes 3 course dinner & drinks

Tickets - $130 each





Something to brighten up the winter months, enjoy this one off menu in the Harvest Bakery celebrating with drinks by the fire and getting cozy in warm attire.


Limited spaces available!





We’ve teamed up with Harvest Newrybar to offer a rejuvenating body-mind retreat aimed at enhancing your overall wellbeing and expanding your consciousness.

Through holistic practices combined with the nourishments of a natural setting in the Byron Hinterlands, the Spring Retreat is an immersive experience. Join us for 3 nights and 3 days of yoga, meditation, self development workshops, healing experiences, and conscious living talks with experienced professionals.

This retreat will offer daily yoga practices to support your holistic experience, deepen your yoga practice, and strengthen your connection within.

Morning flow practices will be mindfully sequenced and themed to build on one another and to complement our workshops. A Yin Yoga or Restorative session will be offered each evening, allowing you to stabilise the mind and ease your body into deep relaxation.

Classes are suitable for all levels and will include guided meditation and breathing techniques. Modifications to postures will be offered with a focus on self-awareness and ease of movement.

Dates for the Spring Retreat are September 9th - 12th, 2021.


For more information about Spring Retreat, click below.



For more information about The Yoga Social,

head to their Instagram by clicking here.


For more information about Harvest House, click here


About The Yoga Social and Yin & Din:

Born out of an idea to collaborate with some of the incredible people and brands in the Byron shire and bring the community together in a soulful way, the Yoga Social’s purpose is to offer mindful and memorable experiences that inspire positive change.
Join The Yoga Social for a nourishing, uplifting evening of yin yoga with immersive soundscape artist and cellist Conrad Hamill, followed by an intimately social dining experience at Harvest Newrybar.

Every detail of the evening is carefully considered to offer you a multi-sensory experience that nurtures connection and community. The Yoga Social hosts will guide you through a relaxing candlelit yin yoga to an immersive sound healing experience at the Newrybar Hall, leading into a 3-course fine dining experience with wine or non-alcoholic elixir pairings at Harvest Restaurant. The Harvest menu includes seasonal, local foods sourced from artisanal producers and their own edible gardens alongside foraged, native and wild Australian ingredients.

Enjoy live music from Australian cellist and soundscape artist Conrad Hamill, dedicated to using sound to breathe life into live environments and yoga experiences.

Our next Yin & Din will be hosted on August 6th, first starting in Newrybar Hall and then moving across to the Old Historic Bakery for a 3 course dinner, with an optional matched wine.

To learn more about The Yoga Social, check out their Instagram by clicking here

To grab a ticket to this wonderful event, click here




After over fourteen months of consistent service to our amazing community the team behind our weekly Market Place offering are taking a well deserved break!

Our little business needs some tending and fertilising over the coming months so roots can spread further and support more growth.

We are proud of what we have created thus far, enjoyed the journey and will especially cherish the relationships we have forged during this challenging period in history.



We will continue to support our local growers and their market access through our deli, events and restaurant. We will continue to share their stories and work with them closely on some of our shared projects to create awareness, education and engagement toward a healthy local food system.



Firstly, to our producers who have supported us, the tireless work involved in bringing high quality produce into our community is recognised and appreciated. You are the change our food system requires.

To our customers, those who have been with us since we started and those who have been adventurous enough to try our service, we thank you and honour your commitment to local, seasonal produce, to our community of producers and to the potential of a food system that supports human, animal and planetary health.



Our last day of activity for this period will be May 29, 2021.

We look forward to remaining engaged with you through our workshops and community events we are currently planning.

Over the coming months we will keep you informed of our plans for the Market Place evolution. Exciting times ahead!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via email on [email protected]


With thanks and love,

Blair & Joe

Fair Game Wild Venison

Jonas Widjaja

"Jonas is one of those Kiwis who moved to Australia to study and work, and never left. Living with his family in Northern NSW, Jonas brought his love of hunting, the great outdoors, and fixing broken things with him when he moved to Australia. But if only one thing defines him, it’s his passionate dislike of waste. He will go to great lengths to avoid buying new things, and much to his wife’s chagrin, finds second, third and fourth lives in almost everything that passes through his hands – he’s the original tinkerer.

His passion for food waste turned itself into Fair Game when, after discovering he was unable to donate excess meat after a hunting trip, he realized he could do something that would make a difference. He learnt about the convoluted legal process wild game harvesters go through to get meat on plates, and it spurred a passion that led to the formation of Fair Game Wild Venison.

As many small businesses do, Fair Game started as an idea at the kitchen table and quickly grew. As restaurants, deli’s and foodies learnt about the quality of the meat, combined with the ethics and environmental benefits of wild venison, the business expanded and now services the Northern Rivers, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth.

In recognition of the quality, ethos and sustainability of the product, Jonas was recently awarded a Gold Medal at the Delicious. Produce Awards 2020. Receiving this recognition in his first year of trading is surely a sign of things to come."


Come feast with us this Sunday, March 28th


From 12 pm - 3 pm, we will be cooking up venison over our open fire.  There will be Wandana beer, Brookie's Gin and Jilly Wine to wash it all down.



Wed - Sun | 12pm - 3pm

Thurs - Sat | 5.30pm - 8.30pm

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